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Foundation: Part Two

Is the Foundation TV show living up to our expectations? It's complicated and we have a lot of thoughts (skip to 19:40 if you haven't watched the show). The book may repetitive but we are not! Although we're talking themes a LOT in this episode. Finally, how are we keeping the Foundation citizens from being terrible?? It doesn't seem like we are!

No episode next week, but give us suggestions for spooky books to read in October!

Special thanks for VOLO for the intro and outro music.

Foundation Isaac Asimov

Foundation: Part One

Luke is making fantastic latte art on the Twitter (@DCitaBC) and Dan has some hot hands he apparently needs to talk about (6:09 to skip). The boys will be watching the Foundation show tomorrow and talking about it next episode so if you can steal someone's Apple TV password, give it a watch. This episode starts off a little backwards but don't worry things quickly move to talking about this big crazy galaxy. The podcast takes a brief sojourn into a propaganda how-to guide and Dan shows his ignorance about what an engineer does and Luke decides we need a new word for a specific book trope.

Special thanks to VOLO for the intro and outro music.

Foundation Isaac Asimov