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The Fall of Hyperion: Part Three

You arrive at the Prancing Pony in the middle of a stormy night. Do you take the comfort and security of a booth, or do you go with the flexibility and convenience of a table. Tweet at us @DCitaBC (11:35). Luke and Dan finally get to the big questions. What makes us human? Can a society truly ever evolve beyond its past? How does a space river reach dope status? Is there anyone dumber than Leigh Hunt? Ya boys score a behind the back full court called shot and you know Dan's got a theory about the A.I.s.

Next week we are reading the first third of Jade City by Fonda Lee!

Special thanks to VOLO for the intro and outro music.

Sci-Fi Hyperion Dan Simmons The Fall of Hyperion

The Fall of Hyperion: Part Two

The hot issue of the day: Are people that ride obnoxiously loud motorcycles in quiet neighborhoods underrepresented in fantasy literature? Of course they are (7:30). We've all got hobbies, Dan for example enjoys a nice scenic potty break. But we've figured out what the Shrike likes to do with his free time, and it's not too different from another of Dan's hobbies. Oh and if you still haven't treated yourself to some Dippin' Dots now is the time.

Special thanks to VOLO for the intro and outro music.

Sci-Fi Hyperion Dan Simmons The Fall of Hyperion

The Fall of Hyperion: Part One

Listen to the soothing, dulcet tones of Luke and Dan as they offer some much needed strategic advice to the Hegemony. Breathe deep, and allow yourself to be lulled into relaxation imagining the most delicious grey soup served among the treetops. Slowly close your eyes, and drift into slee -- frozen sand pelts your face as you cry out into the howling winds. Are you seeking your lost companion among the dunes, or the sweet release of death from this descent into madness? Your mind screams the former, but your heart whispers the latter. And the Shrike hears all. See Luke, this would be the worst way to try to fall asleep. No thanks.

Special thanks to VOLO for the intro and outro music.

Sci-Fi Dan Simmons The Fall of Hyperion