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  • The Raveling: Alec Hutson Interview

    In a surprise twist, Alec comes back on the pod to talk our thoughts on The Raveling, grape seeds, and what is next in the Hutson universe. Don’t miss Alec […]

  • The Shadow King: Part Three

    In this final episode of The Raveling series Luke and Dan talk giant doors and Cho Lin gets a reality check. If anyone knows why smells are less smelly when […]

  • The Shadow King: Part Two

    Apologies to Senacus for anything mean ever said about you. We take it back you are just the sweetest. We’re also taking back anything positive said about our immortal squad, […]

  • The Shadow King: Part One

    Luke gives out a free e-reader innovation: quick map access. We love a good map (skip to 4:16 if you couldn’t care less about maps). First things first, if you […]

  • The Silver Sorceress: Part Three

    Having a dope home library: great. Having a dope home library without knowing how to read: not great. And why are we still ok with the same ol’ scrying basin. […]

  • The Silver Sorceress: Part Two

    Gobble gobble, Dan complains about characters not getting minor illnesses (feel free to skip to the book discussion 8:14). We need one of these immortal sorcerers to come on the […]

  • The Silver Sorceress: Part One

    Buckle up for a conspiracy theory heavy episode, this one gets a little wild. The technological wonders of umbrellas are discussed, and we even lay out our plan for a […]

  • The Crimson Queen Part Three + Author Interview

    The boys are back at it again. In a very anti-Immortal episode Luke roasts Demian, and Dan comes down very hard on Jan (again). We wrap up our discussion of […]

  • The Crimson Queen Part Two: Chapters 13 – 26

    Dan gets a little Marxist early on and comes down a little harsh on Jan. Luke’s ridiculous "bird fireworks" comment from last episode is somehow vindicated. We also ponder the […]

  • The Crimson Queen Part One: Chapters 1 – 12

    It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! Luke and Dan are back at it again: Luke planning a culture change seminar for Keilan’s village, Dan convincing Luke sorcery is fantastic for one very […]