Tag: Pierce Brown

  • Light Bringer: Part Three

    Dan has a workplace dispute (11:58 to skip). Luke and Dan are screaming this episode. One is a scream of pain, the other a scream of joy. You gotta listen […]

  • Light Bringer: Part Two

    Luke is not going climbing and that is final (9:25 to skip to book talk). Give us some squoosh rooms and we can defend any moon base. Big dad energy […]

  • Light Bringer: Part One

    Dan and Luke are hyped about Baldur’s Gate 3 (7:10 to skip). Get Darrow some hobbies, please! Battles got the boys stressed. You always have a plan and it better […]

  • Dark Age: Part Three

    Dan needs a little bit more training for these big giant death machines (9:27 to skip). Maybe everyone in this book is just a LITTLE too chill about some unknown […]

  • Dark Age: Part Two

    Luke admits to being a quitter (6:00 to skip). Last week’s episode ending on a high note so we’re happy to report this section was emotionally devastating, damnit Pierce! Let […]

  • Dark Age: Part One

    Still holding out hope for a home Dippin’ Dots maker (12:00 to skip). Lysander is easily impressed, and Darrow is maybe back. Be physically amazing in every way or emit […]

  • Iron Gold: Part Three

    Fireworks or drones (12:20 to skip)? Please, we need to see a zoladone ad. Also worst character round up this sode. Dan reveals a core value and Luke "should" be […]

  • Iron Gold: Part Two

    Shouts out to DJs, you’ve gone underappreciated for too long (7:40 to skip). Trying to keep the Darrow bashing to a minimum, but honestly it isn’t easy. We have a […]

  • Iron Gold: Part One

    Don’t ask anyone why they are vegetarian if you aren’t ready to feel a little bit guilty (7:00 to avoid the guilt). Tough to be back, but Luke and Dan […]

  • Morning Star: Part Three

    Luke gets us warmed up with a Red Rover rant that is so on point (5:49). The boys want to see something cooler than a parrot. Luke takes an extremely […]