Tag: Broken Earth

  • The Stone Sky: Part Two

    A couple of mini warm ups get us taking about gadgets and books (10:15 to skip). Luke and Dan return with science talk! Get ready to hear about the worst […]

  • The Stone Sky: Part One

    Luke attended a book festival and wants to tell you about it (7:25 to skip). If you’re turning to stone, which parts go first? You know we’re getting creative with […]

  • The Obelisk Gate: Part Two

    Dan’s bringing us back to our roots with a super-specific rant about mundane life events (10:20 to skip). We finished the book for this episode so make sure you’ve read […]

  • The Obelisk Gate: Part One

    Luke and Dan are not very excited about one of these characters coming back, can you guess which one it is? Finally we get a name for a new segment […]

  • The Fifth Season: Part Three

    School’s….in? Luke comes to office hours and gets himself learned. Also get hyped for our next big media project, Life Hacked (6:30). Luke and Dan debate if Essun is mother […]

  • The Fifth Season: Part Two

    If you’ve been apartment shopping in your life then boy do we have a #relatable rant for you (6:19). Long time listeners will not be surprised or disappointed when we […]

  • The Fifth Season: Part One

    You might be wondering, "Luke and Dan, how are you gonna make a discussion about this horrifyingly dark book funny?" We were wondering the same thing. So we start with […]