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  • The True Bastards: Part Three

    Alright keeping it a buck here, no one will blame you for skipping the intro this week (6:27). Luke and Dan rethink their ranking of the warriors from the Lot […]

  • The True Bastards: Part Two

    Today’s warmup focuses on our complacency in menu innovation (skip to 7:30 if you’ll hear no criticisms of fast food). Big apologies to Fetch and Oats are due, turns out […]

  • The True Bastards: Part One

    Things are ROUGH for these half-orcs y’all so it’s a good thing they are all optimistic and encouraging! Dan thinks we need some new priorities in Winsome, while Luke proves […]

  • The Grey Bastards: Jonathan French Interview

    Honestly, one of the most legitimately informative episodes we have ever recorded thanks to Jonathan French. Want to know how the Sludgeman travels around the Lots? Need an answer for […]

  • The Grey Bastards: Part Three

    Just in time for Halloween, Dan and Luke hit you with some of the best/worst fantasy couples costumes. Hit us up @DCitaBC with your entry in the #fantasycouplescontest. Or skip […]

  • The Grey Bastards: Part Two

    The Bastards have a wild government. As well respected fantasy constitutional scholars we’ve got your questions covered with in depth analysis. Also interested in civil engineering? Dan uses his wall […]

  • The Grey Bastards: Part One

    Your favorite podcasting frails get right into the mud with some of these dirty hogs. Luke and Dan have already fallen head over heels for Ugfuck. Don’t believe the lies; […]