The Grey Bastards: Part Three

Don't call it a book club.
The Grey Bastards: Part Three

Just in time for Halloween, Dan and Luke hit you with some of the best/worst fantasy couples costumes. Hit us up @DCitaBC with your entry in the #fantasycouplescontest. Or skip right to the hawg talk (13:22). First things first, there have got to be ugly elves, right? There has GOT to be an Ugfuck elf equivalent, right? Also, don’t believe the orc *clap* prop *clap* a *clap* gan *clap* da. Luke and Dan create a few new achievement award categories for hoofs to try out. Slophead of the Year? Most Valuable Hawg?

We are interviewing Jonathan French but that episode will come out in two weeks, not next week. After that we will be returning Alec Hutson’s The Raveling series with The Silver Sorceress!

Special thanks to VOLO for the intro and outro music.

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