Tag: The Living Blade

  • Touch of Iron: Timandra Whitecastle Interview

    In the words of a wise author, "Garbage in, garbage out but I say if you put good stuff in, you get good stuff out." Well on this episode, Timandra […]

  • Touch of Iron: Part Three

    In this steamy last section we talk surprisingly long about the ideal bad boy vibe, listen through to the end for a very hot take. If you’re looking for advice […]

  • Touch of Iron: Part Two

    Find out which dragon book man the boys get too excited about for the warm up (8:58). Luke hijacks Dan’s theory about Diaz and charts a course for a forbidden […]

  • Touch of Iron: Part One

    Summer is here and we’re starting out… hot? And by that I mean Luke is rescinding another hot take. Turns out you actually shouldn’t skip leg day. Here’s a quick […]