Tag: Joe Abercrombie

  • Best Served Cold: Part Three

    Dan is back on the fairgrounds, what will he find this time? (12:20 to skip) Thank god Cosca is back and he might just be a wizard. Jinxes make a […]

  • Best Served Cold: Part Two

    All the college football fans that listen to the pod, this warmup is for you (12:20 to skip). Shivers needs a confidence boost, and we’ve got some business advice for […]

  • Best Served Cold: Part One

    Honestly, this warmup rant is all over the place (11:50 to skip). Does everyone in the North need to do a big group therapy session? Cause it seems like they […]

  • Last Argument of Kings: Part Three

    Dan jumps into a warmup (10:20 to skip). The boys get called out for their love of maps and Severard gets called out for not keeping a diary. How long […]

  • Last Argument of Kings: Part Two

    Luke drinks whiskey at a bachelor party and wants to talk about it (12:00 to skip). The Bloody Nine is finally starting to scare us (but we still love him […]

  • Last Argument of Kings: Part One

    The boys get back to holiday talk to warm up (12:46 to skip). Jezel is officially the king of idiots. The Northmen clearly need to start playing Dungeons and Dragons […]

  • Before They Are Hanged: Part Three

    Any First Law conversation is amiss without some good Glokta analysis, buddy you know there are other jobs, right? Big shoutout to Joe for explaining the Shanka’s eating habits, but […]

  • Before They Are Hanged: Part Two

    Y’all have heard of snow mirages right? Huge problem up in north Angland, trust us. Luke and Dan can’t decide if Glokta has done a good job or a bad […]

  • Before They Are Hanged: Part One

    Very long but important intro, learn something about dogs in this one guys (skip to 16:15 to get to the book). Forgive us if we forget or repeat things from […]

  • The Blade Itself: Part Three

    Our one year Anniversary is here! And Dan would like to celebrate it by rescinding his terrible hot take (3:17). We could not wait to talk about the Bloody Nine […]