Tag: Malazan Book of the Fallen

  • Malazan Books 1-3 (ft. Ten Very Big Books Podcast)

    Malazan Book of the Summer ends on a high note as Pete and AJ from the Ten Very Big Books Podcast join to talk about the series. Some fun games, […]

  • Memories of Ice: Part Four

    In the penultimate episode of Malazan Book of the Summer, Luke gives a much needed perspective shift. Dan finds his limit for quitting army, and the boys throw a little […]

  • Memories of Ice: Part Three

    We cover a lot of ground in this one, from Jamba Juice employees to archaeologists, there’s something for everyone. The boys continue the critique of the Tlan Imass mission statement […]

  • Memories of Ice: Part Two

    Dan and Luke warm up by doing movie/tv/game executives’ jobs for them (7:33 to skip). The boys talk etiquette for turning down human flesh at a BBQ and ask important […]

  • Memories of Ice: Part One

    Opening with our conflicting thoughts on Bo Burnham’s new special today (10:50 to skip to the book). Elder gods are back baby and we’ve got that deep analysis on their […]

  • Deadhouse Gates: Part Three

    The boys start with some obligatory Space Jam II predictions (9:28 to skip). Wuff, wuff this Chain of Dogs is barking and it has a pretty emo vibe if we […]

  • Deadhouse Gates: Part Two

    We’re getting all of our foodie takes out for the warmup this time (6:00 to skip). Shouts out to Coltaine and the Wickans, great vibes and flexes all around (minus […]

  • Deadhouse Gates: Part One

    The boys return with a hot take about the most beautiful game out there (8:53 to skip). The Malazan empire grows pretty dark in this book but the boys are […]

  • Gardens of the Moon: Part Three

    Luke and Dan decide it’s time to get hype again (7:15 to skip). Dan loves Oponn’s style and Luke reminds us that in fact, dogs are the best people. The […]

  • Gardens of the Moon: Part Two

    Dan comes up with a profound observation about the nature of good and evil to start us off (7:09 to skip). Murillio has got the V I B E S […]