Tag: Cosmere

  • The Final Empire: Part Three

    Who needs a warmup when you’ve got a classic Brandon Sanderson finale! You miss 100% of the shots (at the Lord Ruler) you don’t take so let’s mix it up […]

  • The Final Empire: Part Two

    Luke kicks us off with a bike rant (11:45 to skip). Luke said it best, we are have finally gotten into the balls. Dan needs someone to connect these big […]

  • The Final Empire: Part One

    Dan loves Will Ferrell and wishes him well in all future endeavors (8:00 to skip). So glad our team has some spare time in their busy schedule to help overthrow […]

  • Tress of the Emerald Sea: Part Three

    Luke must face a harsh truth about his sports fanhood (10:20 to skip). Folks, does it count as a war if the Sorceress never loses. We finally get to meet […]

  • Tress of the Emerald Sea: Part Two

    Luke needs more sports (10:45 to skip)! The boys get called out and it turns out Tress is a bit of a freak. Luke reveals himself to actually be a […]

  • Tress of the Emerald Sea: Part One

    Warm up today is gonna get you riled up if you’re a big self-destruct button fan (12:00 to skip). Our big goal of this book is to come up with […]

  • Rhythm of War: Part Four

    Good news, we finally get to have some dragon discourse in Stormlight, did we get the dragon checklist right? In a surprise move Dan is finally willing to give Shallan […]

  • Rhythm of War: Part Three

    Luke gets us warmed up with an essential bathroom innovation (9:30 to skip). Brandon had a very big week last week, and we are all hyped. Can we also appreciate […]

  • Rhythm of War: Part Two

    We’re coming back to our favorite punching bag (cause he won’t punch back), Lirin how are ya! Make sure to be concise in your letters folks or Dan is coming […]

  • Rhythm of War: Part One

    The Patreon is up (https://www.patreon.com/dcitabc) be sure to check out those subscriber benefits! Dan also gives his report on the Big Bang Theory (13:15 to skip). You have GOT to […]