Tag: Cosmere

  • Dawnshard

    We announce some podcast news and then warmup with a hot debate about everyone’s favorite show The Big Bang Theory (16:15 to skip). Luke wants the sailors to unionize and […]

  • Oathbringer: Part Four

    No warmup on this one since in classic Sanderson fashion the ending of Oathbringer has a lot of ground to cover. After the big revelation, we of course discuss some […]

  • Oathbringer: Part Two

    Nothing personal but I don’t want to share food with you and I have something to say about it (8:05 to skip). Now that Jasnah is back she takes a […]

  • Oathbringer: Part One

    Apologies, but we have to talk about Lebron (8:15 to skip). Luke decides to start us off by pissing off thousands of readers everywhere and Dan goes after a world […]

  • Edgedancer

    We’re starting with a warm-up that really gets Dan upset (7:20 to skip). So many details that we’ve got to figure out about our new settings. How do these communal […]

  • Words of Radiance: Part Four

    Dan comes out swinging at these so called "geniuses". Luke is hesitant to give Dan props for called shots but we all know Dan is basically the book Nostradamus. We […]

  • Words of Radiance: Part Three

    We’re getting warmed up with our first e-bike news segment, many more to come (7:30 to skip). Everybody share their experiences of the first time they read the arena fight […]

  • Words of Radiance: Part Two

    Dan gets warmed up with a crisis and Luke talks him down (10:57 to skip). The boys talk theories of justice and we get a good analysis of the parallels […]

  • Words of Radiance: Part One

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We’re getting warmed up with some holiday talk (8:40 to skip) and then talking the first quarter of Words of Radiance. Some good Bridge 4 tattoo discussion […]

  • The Way of Kings: Part Four

    Looks like Dan’s plan for sneaking spheres is out, but never give up folks. Research funding must be way down in Alethi society right now because we don’t know anything […]