Tag: Author Interview

  • The Raveling: Alec Hutson Interview

    In a surprise twist, Alec comes back on the pod to talk our thoughts on The Raveling, grape seeds, and what is next in the Hutson universe. Don’t miss Alec […]

  • The Grey Bastards: Jonathan French Interview

    Honestly, one of the most legitimately informative episodes we have ever recorded thanks to Jonathan French. Want to know how the Sludgeman travels around the Lots? Need an answer for […]

  • Touch of Iron: Timandra Whitecastle Interview

    In the words of a wise author, "Garbage in, garbage out but I say if you put good stuff in, you get good stuff out." Well on this episode, Timandra […]

  • Aching God: Mike Shel Interview

    Mike Shel pretty much schools us on Aching God, RPGs, psychology, and proper methods of maniacal, sadistic punishment. We laughed. We cried. Dan was almost flayed alive. A good time […]

  • The Crimson Queen Part Three + Author Interview

    The boys are back at it again. In a very anti-Immortal episode Luke roasts Demian, and Dan comes down very hard on Jan (again). We wrap up our discussion of […]