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  • Academ’s Fury: Part Three

    The Marat officially have pants on fire, and Jim needs to leave Doroga alone. Also, First Lord rhymes with vord, y’all know the rest. Dan and Luke continue to be […]

  • Academ’s Fury: Part Two

    It’s everyone’s favorite segment, we’re warming up with some grocery store talk (8:50 to skip). The boys point out all of the flaws in Aleran society. Repeatedly. Luke comes out […]

  • Academ’s Fury: Part One

    Luke brags about how popular he is (6:10 to skip). The boy stand up to bullying and for once in his life, Dan doesn’t propose an absurd theory. Luke gives […]

  • Furies of Calderon: Part Three

    Luke is concerned that he may be sharing too much, and Dan definitely shares too much (please skip to 6:00). Dan needs to get deeper into a comment from the […]

  • Furies of Calderon: Part Two

    A double warmup for this episode, skip to 9:40 if you’re only interested in Furies of Calderon. Dan updates his Tavi theory and brings us way out on a limb. […]

  • Furies of Calderon: Part One

    Did anything exciting happen this week? Luke and Dan can’t think of anything (4:50 to skip). Dan leads Luke immediately astray on the pronunciation of Amara’s name but they are […]