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  • On the Shoulders of Titans: Part Three

    Dan brings back a beloved segment, find out the connection between business suits and water parks (or skip to 8:30). Luke is a huge fan of alley-oops in fights as […]

  • On the Shoulders of Titans: Part Two

    You are the top first year enchanter at the Lorian Heights Academy. You have studied hard to get to the top and had to sacrifice to keep up your grades […]

  • On the Shoulders of Titans: Part One

    Tons of questions this week about the curriculum in our schools, We’re starting to get concerned that the bow and arrow lobby has too much power. Dan is turning in […]

  • Sufficiently Advanced Magic: Part Three

    Luke and Dan start by addressing some comments from /r/climberscourt. Also, Luke mentions Patrick is a Shaper which is definitely wrong (he is an Elementalist, bruh) and you should definitely […]

  • Sufficiently Advanced Magic: Part Two

    Thanks to everyone sending us your thoughts on the last episode, keep ’em coming by commenting on our reddit posts on the r/dontcallitabookclub or r/ClimbersCourt subreddits, tweeting us @DCitaBC, or […]

  • Sufficiently Advanced Magic: Part One

    Dan needs to know why Harry Potter never got Lasik (skip to 6:12 if you don’t). Luke and Dan want a class revolution in Valia. They also start learning about […]