On the Shoulders of Titans: Part Two

Don't call it a book club.
On the Shoulders of Titans: Part Two

You are the top first year enchanter at the Lorian Heights Academy. You have studied hard to get to the top and had to sacrifice to keep up your grades but the reward is well worth it. After acing your finals you take a well deserved break and spend an hour relaxing with a cup of tea in the cafeteria. You can’t help but overhear some gossip about Corin Cadence, the idiot who almost blew off his hand with a homemade enchanted item. Your grip tightens around your tea cup as you hear story after story of him cheating his way through every single course this year and still maintaining top marks. How quickly are you walking to the Dean’s office to lodge a formal complaint?

Special thanks to VOLO for the intro and outro music.

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