Tag: The Locked Tomb

  • Nona the Ninth: Part Two

    Get warmed up by learning a fun fact about the Heimlich maneuver, although double-check those dates before you play trivia (10:30 to skip). Don’t worry. We know and understand precisely […]

  • Nona the Ninth: Part One

    Luke is starting a grassroots movement dedicated to improving restaurant nachos (9:32 to skip). Leave it to your astute hosts to clear up any confusion or questions about Nona the […]

  • Harrow the Ninth: Part Two

    You have a mission this week: get destroyed over-the-board by a child (10:10 to skip). Your hosts are legally obligated to summarize what happened in this book because they are […]

  • Harrow the Ninth: Part One

    Stick around for the extra long warmup today and tell us your rules and regulations for socializing (18:35 to skip). Literally what is going on in this book folks, help […]

  • Gideon the Ninth: Part Two

    Dan has a very shady fun fact about body parts to get us warmed up (7:00 to skip). Ya boys come up with their ideal secret-telling liquid and pick a […]

  • Gideon the Ninth: Part One

    Dan and Luke start this episode talking about how Spiderman should be way more concerned with wage theft (8:45 to skip). In this episode we tell you when you should […]