Tag: Cosmere

  • The Way of Kings: Part Three

    Luke hits us with a blast from the past (6:20 to skip). Dan suggests a silver lining to chasm duty and Luke is *emotional*. We also find out why Luke […]

  • The Way of Kings: Part Two

    To get us warmed up Dan wants to reframe our generational nerd terminology (skip to 7:30 for book discussion). Bring Luke some frilly laces to throw on under his jacket, […]

  • The Way of Kings: Part One

    Of course Luke and Dan are gonna talk about the limitations of having a safehand and the power of these eyebrows. Luke points out which spren would be the most […]

  • Warbreaker: Part Three

    Dan kicks this episode off by bringing up Game of Thrones yet again, in spite of his earlier pledge to stop talking about it (5:04). As we wrap up the […]

  • Warbreaker: Part Two

    Luke is lookin fresh and no man is gonna stop him (07:30). Your favorite fantasy fellows propose several crucial innovations for T’Telir. Dan, known to some as fantasy Sherlock, pieces […]

  • Warbreaker: Part One

    Dan kicks us off by attempting to alienate our listeners with a hot take about superhero movies (8:30), feel free to tell us how you feel about his awful opinion. […]