Podcast: Don't call it a book club.

  • A Feast for Crows: Part Four

    Get ready for your book report! Luke and Dan are taking another short break but will be back in July. This episode starts with Furiosa talk; no skipping! Dan identifies […]

  • A Feast for Crows: Part Three

    Photos are out, but selfies are in (9:35 to skip). Cersei continues her historic cringe run, sigils are overhyped, and Arya needs her own hot sauce recipe. Special thanks to […]

  • A Feast for Crows: Part Two

    Compliments only on other peoples food folks (8:15 to skip)! Sam is a legend and we’re excited to hear his ballad. Cersei is queen of foolproof plans, and holy cow […]

  • A Feast for Crows: Part One

    Luke and Dan are back! Big updates incoming (13:12 to skip). Nobody’s snatching these chains and you will never guess who is getting the pen working. Which is worse, head […]

  • Caliban’s War: Part Three

    Luke and Dan go fishing for a sponsorship (7:00 to skip). If you were wondering who Caliban is, stick around to find out! Special thanks to VOLO for the intro […]

  • Caliban’s War: Part Two

    Dan goes off the grid (11:00 to skip). Turns out Bobbie has fallen for the propaganda, and Avasarala is a terrible boss. Taste your soup before you add salt, folks! […]

  • Caliban’s War: Part One

    Dan learns the rules of basketball (9:35 to skip), then we give our takes on the first episode of The Expanse TV show (up to 23:15, then book talk). Now […]

  • Leviathan Wakes: Part Three

    Luke and Dan complain about modern life (08:30 to skip). Fred is either a lucky idiot or a tactical genius and there is no room for error. Also, how about […]

  • Leviathan Wakes: Part Two

    Turns out the teens are alright (6:25 to skip). Our crew needs to get some hobbies and stop being bored all the time. Holden is not to blame but the […]

  • Leviathan Wakes: Part One

    You accepting cookies or naw? (09:02 to skip) Luke and Dan do flesh talk and we get taken to office hours a few times this episode. Luke needs better food […]