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  • Morning Star: Part Two

    The rants are back! Listen to Luke’s very hot take about recipe blogs (or skip to 10:10 for book discussion). Dan is loving this book, but we do have one […]

  • Morning Star: Part One

    Dan reminds Darrow that his situation isn’t really *that* bad. The boys have no idea where the Society’s obsession with hummingbirds comes from but can’t wait to see this Reaper […]

  • Golden Son: Part Three

    Dan thinks that Darrow has a great future in the WWE, and we have another what’s in the box situation on our hands. Luke has an issue with Darrow’s big […]

  • Golden Son: Part Two

    Dan wants to know why no one in Sci-Fi seems to be concerned with deepfakes (book discussion starts at 4:50). So the box didn’t contain a Bop-It, but we need […]

  • Golden Son: Part One

    Darrow and the Red Rising series are back! Read up to chapter 15 for this episode and then stop if you’re an insane person like us. We get excited to […]

  • Red Rising: Part Three

    This week on The Institute, tales of woe and heartbreak, triumph and glory, vengeance and betrayal. Be sure to tweet #RedRisingRealityShow with your vote for who should win this season! […]

  • Red Rising: Part Two

    Coming out of the gates swingin on this one with a very specific rant about hummus (if you couldn’t care less about hummus skip to 9:50). If you made fun […]

  • Red Rising: Part One

    Daniel gets worked up about how much everyone is talking about a certain wellness brand that will not be named (take Dan’s advice, lets just all agree to not talk […]